Venison Hunting


Wilton Valley Hunting Safaris was established during 1970, when the land was bought by the present owner and registered as Wilton Valley Game Reserve. Today , still under the same management, Wilton Valley is rated as one of the most well-known and established hunting farms in the Country

Although trophy hunting by foreign hunters plays a big role in the business,  the owner realizes that culling of  female- and the non-trophy animals are of big importance when it comes to management of the game farm.


The hunting standards  are high and the owner is proud of the fact that Wilton Valley is  known as one of the hunting ranches in the country that follow strict discipline and high ethical codes, in general.


It is the policy of the company to treat the customers on a friendly and sound business level, in such a way, that return visits are enhanced. So, why not try us out and solve your hunting problems for the future.


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