Trophy Hunting


Wilton Valley is the pride of Southern Africa's hunting establishment. Hunters over the world testify to the high standard of the hunting safaris at Wilton Valley.


You will hunt in beautiful Malaria-free African bush, tracking down trophy game with the help of skillful trackers. If you want to hunt in South Africa and experience the untamed heartbeat of the African bush, set your sights on Wilton Valley the one stop game ranch for a big variety of Southern African antelope. Other species can easily be arranged on request


Mark Euden ( writes:


"We wish to thank you both personally, for what we could only describe as one of the best hunting experiences we have ever known.  The camp is delightful and the operation you run at the farm is impressively professional.   Indeed so impressed were we that we are passing your details on to our contacts here".


Michael Grieb ( writes:


"I would like to say that I had a thoroughly enjoyable hunt at Wilton Valley and would love to return sometime.   Africa was even better than I had hoped. I would also like to say that my PH Chris was a pleasure to hunt with and would certainly recommend him to any hunter. Stephen my tracker constantly amazed me  with his skills at finding one set of tracks among many".


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